OFF TO THE RACES? Here's how to wear your hair!

At Kitte we have put together a style guide on how best to wear your headpieces this season. We know it can be difficult to visualise how a headpiece or crown will look, so take some inspiration below on how to style your Kitte piece this Cup Carnival.

Hair: @hairbykarla_ Model: @rubymackenzie


The ‘Instagram Braid’

We know we have all seen this one before, the perfect boho inspired braid. Anyone has has managed to master this whimsical creation has created an Instagram bloggers dream.

Follow the video for an up close look as to how easy this creation truly is! The final result will never be the same, and allows you to let your creativity flow.  To finish off team this look with an intricate Kitte Crown.

The Casual Bun

The casual bun is as all females out there know, anything but casual. Hours of teasing, pulling, and hair spray for the perfect 'casual yet chic' look.  Oh, the joys of pre-event preparation…

The relaxed bun has been simplified and styled to perfection, pair with a detailed headband for a sophisticated take on the 'Headwear' trend. 

The Slick Pony

A day at the races is a long one, so make sure to think of all the elements before testing your luck trackside.

A slick pony is for those who like everything in place. If Melbourne produces one of it’s weather specialities, 40 degrees or 15 degrees (who knows) a slick pony will work well either way.

Let your headpiece shine and do all the talking with this look going for height and volume like our Rising Sun headband.


Loose Curls

Classic curls with a modern twist.

Classic, soft curls add romance and glamour to an outfit with ease and are a staple amongst the Cup Day crowd. Pair with a bold headpiece or fascinator, such as the Wild Grandeur Headpiece featured here, for a chic edge.

October 27, 2017 — Courtney Phelps