It's a wrap.

Our brand new range, 'Unapologetic Opulence' has been shot, and we could not be happier. Our biggest photo shoot ever became even more amazing than we could have hoped for.

With our dream team on hand, stylist Lana Wilkinson,  H & MU Artist Jade Kisnorbo and our favourite photographer Marnie Haddad ready to bring the Kitte collection to life. We were also lucky enough to have Alice Morgan, one of Australia's top models and current Kitte dream girl booked!

As always on shoot day, we all arrived ready to go, full of nervous energy, and thankful that Melbourne had decided to show that is was still capable of producing sunlight in the middle of a freezing winter
Photographer Marnie had scoped the city for the perfect location to shoot our lavish new range, and she DELIVERED. We found ourselves shooting inside an under construction 18th century mansion. 

After the customary inspection of every single room, the standard Snapchat brigade began as we all wandered around trying to capture the ultimate scenic Snapchat story moment. There also may have been one or two (or 20) shameless selfies taken….
But far more importantly, having finished our social media storm we got to work. From the eccentric pink bathroom, to the  insanely grand living room or the piano room with the ridiculously extravagant ceiling, we could not have been more spoilt for choice.

Although stunning, our mansion certainly had not moved onto the heating system segment of its grand reconstruction, with everyone but Alice who was ever the professional (a very freezing professional) looking a little puffier than usual thanks to the many layers being worn.
Heating was definitely missed, but our home for the day did however come with a complimentary miniature pony which certainly made things entertaining. A miniature pony is very cute, but a miniature pony invasion in the middle of a photo shoot is a sight to see. Especially a pony chasing around a photographers miniature pug.

Moving on from our mid morning pony escapade, we were able to watch Alice bring our jewellery to life.
Lana's stunning outfit choices made our collection look beyond amazing,  and had the whole Kitte team pretty excited to see the final shots.

It was a day full of miniature pony escapades, endless jewellery changes and a ridiculous amount of instant coffee . Without doubt we left exhausted and freezing,  but excited about seeing our range styled and living up to its name.

 Every shot was simply 'Unapologetically Opulent'.

August 29, 2016 — Chrissie Young